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Meet the team - Daniel Schembri

Melbourne-based Daniel is one of FIIG’s longest-serving dealers with nearly a decade with the company. Below, Daniel tells us what he loves about being a FIIG bond dealer, his top bond pick, and what he does when he isn’t at work chasing down value for clients

What attracted you to fixed income?

I started my career at a stockbroker in the late 1990s and worked through the Tech Bubble and then September 11. I really disliked having to tell clients that while the investment idea was right they had lost money due to things that were out of our control so I pushed to join their fixed income desk. When the GFC hit I was really glad to be in fixed income.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I like talking to the clients and getting to find out about their goals and their lives and trying to really build it that way. The second part I like is that it’s an area that’s safe. We’re looking at defensive assets. Even when you look at some of the higher yielding assets they’re typically in global companies or have huge assets that sit behind them.

For me it’s just about delivering a good product. Fortunately you’re able to deliver a good product all the time. It makes life a lot easier.

What are your pastimes/hobbies?

I’m kind of a Jekyll and Hyde. I like to play ice hockey but I also enjoy time in the garden as well.

Me and a few friends started playing ice hockey when we were younger. We were lucky that we were all given a run and we’ve all grown with it. Now I play for the local division in a team called The Braves. As you would expect, I’m a defender!

But I also just love pottering around in my garden with my wife Annalee. It’s my time to unplug. I love my roses and I just love tinkering around out there.

Highlight of your time with FIIG?

I was sent over to Perth about 15 months ago to kickstart that office and really get it going and I did that. It grew sharply in 12 months. I think what Perth was missing was the FIIG culture and that’s why they sent me over there.

To succeed you really need to treat this business as your own small business. That means great customer service and it also means everyone has to be entrepreneurial because we’re pioneering fixed-income in Australia. You need to do everything.

The other highlight has been working hard to help create a success story like FIIG. Even during the GFC and afterwards our client base has grown and blossomed. So being part of that from the early days until now is a highlight in itself.

Top bond pick?

PMP Finance Limited 2017 is a good bond to go for. It’s quite short dated and the business itself generates consistent cashflows. I think there is a strong potential for capital growth.

Also, CBL Corporation Limited 2019. It’s a regulated business that is in conservative insurance. That’s good for investors.

Daniel can be contacted on 03 8668 8866

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