Wednesday 01 July 2015 by Guest Contributor At FIIG

New FIIG Bond Rate Sheet

In response to client feedback, we will be replacing our current Transparency Report with a new daily FIIG Bond Rate Sheet

From 1 July 2015, FIIG will be moving to publish a FIIG Bond Rate Sheet.

The new FIIG Bond Rate Sheet will:

  • Cover bonds that our clients typically invest in, and will include information such as the coupon percentage, yields to maturity, running yield and institutional market mid-point valuation
  • Show FIIG’s observations of the institutional market mid-point valuation. This is determined using our trading with institutional counterparties as well as the numerous market data sources to which we have access
  • Be available 24/7 on our website at

We will also be implementing a new valuation approach for bonds reported in your monthly Holding Statement. FIIG has traditionally determined the value of a client’s bond holdings based on our observations of bond pricing in the market place. From 1 July 2015 this will be based upon an end of day institutional mid-point valuation provided by an independent pricing provider who supplies valuations to many Australian fixed income fund managers.

Please refer to the Factsheet for more information in relation to our bond pricing and the updated FIIG’s Financial Service Guide as at 1 July 2015 at

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