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Meet the team - Renee Oldfield

Our series "Meet the team" continues with Renee Oldfield, Associate Director - Adviser Services WA/SA/NT in the Perth office


Renee is a Perth local who has worked in a variety of roles in the financial services industry, including for Aspen Funds Management and Macquarie Bank, before joining FIIG a year ago.

She specialises in helping advisers get the most out of fixed income for their clients with a special focus on the Rolling Term Deposit, Portfolio Strategies and Managed Income Portfolio (MIPS) services.

When she isn’t helping her clients, Renee is an Italophile, who has spent almost three of the last five years soaking up the sun and beach culture of the Amalfi Coast.

 Below, Renee discusses what attracted her to FIIG, her favourite part of the job, and what she has learned from her clients.

What attracted you to bond broking?

Having started working in a stockbroking firm back in 1997 I enjoyed learning about investing, about companies and how they use equity markets to grow their business.  It was a very dynamic environment and I liked the high intensity.  I later moved into property funds management prior to moving to Italy.  So when I returned from overseas I wanted to further my knowledge and fixed income was another asset class I felt would further my career and also my knowledge when dealing with my clients.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I enjoy building long and lasting relationships with my clients and getting to understand their businesses. I get great satisfaction from being able to provide them with a solution, in the shape of direct bonds, that has been hard for many to access in the Australian market until now. A large amount of my time is spent helping my clients understand the benefits of having an allocation to bonds within a diversified investment portfolio which until now has not been an opportunity for them.

Best day on the job?

Meeting an advisor for the first time and giving them a new solution for their clients’ income needs that has not been available to them in the past.

Top bond pick?

I leave that to the experts – FIIG’s Portfolio Strategies Service & Managed Income Portfolio Service.

Top piece of advice for clients?

Diversify. I aim to help financial planners build portfolios that are well diversified across different asset classes, which reduces risk and smooths overall portfolio returns.  Bonds are a defensive asset class that fit neatly in between cash and shares. By including an allocation to bonds, investors have the ability to achieve better returns than what is available on term deposits without exposing themselves to the capital volatility that can come with shares. Bonds also offer a stable and predictable level of income which is particularly crucial for retirees in the current low interest rate environment.

Best piece of advice you ever heard from a client?

Always under promise and over deliver…..

What do you do when you aren’t working?

I enjoy going to the gym, running and any sport.  I love travelling overseas and have been fortunate to live in Italy learning the language and enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle which has grown my appreciation of food, wine and fashion!

Renee is in the Perth office and can be contacted on (08) 9421 8505

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