Tuesday 11 September 2018 by FIIG Research Trade opportunities

Top picks – Retail bond at 5.19%pa

See the top rates for bonds and term deposits available this week accurate as at 11 September 2018

Virgin Australia offers a fixed rate USD bond with expected maturity on 15 October 2021, at a yield to worst of 7.50%pa available to wholesale investors.

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group offers a fixed bond with a maturity date on 29 Sep 2027, at a yield to worst of 5.19%pa available to retail and wholesale investors.

The top term deposit rate is 3.00% for 2 years from a regional bank.

Please note rates are accurate as at 11 September 2018 and subject to change. For more information please contact your FIIG representative.


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6% pa* with Corporate Bonds

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