The Federal Budget 2024

We are approaching a consequential point for Federal finances and the macroeconomic backdrop. However, the real changes were set in motion in 2018, when the Stage 3 tax cuts were first legislated. Most other developments in the 2024 Budget are of decidedly modest importance in comparison.

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Portfolio Construction: The interaction of yield, slope, and return

The Lucky 7 piece steps through four different possible outcomes for the RBA. The scenarios range from an unexpectedly high interest rate outcome to a rate cut cycle that would only occur if the economy materially weakened. In between are two much more likely scenarios that involve much less movement in the RBA rate.

Education (basics)

How bonds can help you retire with a stable income

We have put together this article to help you understand the role bonds play in retiring with a passive income, whether you're thinking of the ideal retirement, planning for retirement, or have retired. In retirement planning, bonds should be a cornerstone investment, providing regular interest payments and returning your principal investment at maturity. This stability forms the bedrock of a passive cash flow strategy, allowing retirees to sustain their lifestyle and meet essential expenses regardless of market volatility.

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FIIG Australian Bond Fund now open to all investors

The FIIG Australian Bond Fund (Fund), previously only available to wholesale investors, has opened its doors to retail investors seeking diversification and income opportunities in the Australian fixed income market. The Fund now offers a more accessible minimum investment of $10,000 (previously $25,000), allowing a wider range of investors to participate.

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