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Wholesale Sample Portfolios Update – December 2023

November marked a turning point in the last nearly 2 years of fighting inflation with rising interest rates. The market began firmly pricing in the end of hikes and the start of cuts. This is mainly because historically central banks have held rates steady at their peak for no more than about 7 months on average before cutting them again, as economies run into a wall of higher borrowing costs.

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Benefits of being a Wholesale Client – Structured Credit

In this article, we discuss the benefits of being a wholesale client and delve into the complexity of structured credit. Structured credit involves pooled assets, payment waterfalls, and various metrics specific to the sector, making it more intricate than standard bonds, with ratings available typically only to Wholesale clients.


Introducing the FIIG Australian Bond Fund - Meet the Team

Following the launch of FIIG’s inaugural bond fund (the fund), in this first article of a three-part series we delve into the team behind the fund and their deep experience in fixed income markets. To celebrate this milestone and give readers further insight, we have interviewed the Fund’s Investment Management Team, comprised of Kieran Quaine, Head of Portfolio Management and Megan Romeo, Portfolio Manager. We asked them to elaborate upon the Investment Strategy they have successfully deployed historically within FIIG’s other managed service MIPS, and how they will apply that strategy to the Fund going forward.


Knowledge Series – Benefits of being a Wholesale Client #2

In this series, we previously discussed how credit ratings assist wholesale clients in assessing bond risks. This edition focuses on FIIG-arranged unrated primary deals available exclusively to wholesale clients. FIIG's mission was to meet the demand from investors for higher yields amid declining interest rates and provide growth opportunities for mid-sized corporates previously excluded from capital markets. To date, FIIG has arranged 75 unrated bond issues, offering attractive returns and resilience compared to high-grade bonds.

Trade opportunities

Wholesale Sample Portfolios Update – October 2023

September saw a rise in longer-term rates. Central banks globally maintained cash rates but signaled possible rate hikes due to inflation. Portfolios remained relatively short, with the Conservative portfolio yielding 6.80%, the Balanced portfolio yielding 7.94%, and the High Yield portfolio yielding 10.29%. Some adjustments were made, including retaining an A-rated Pepper bond for its strong yield and adding a Pepper Money bond for diversity in the High Yield portfolio.

Reporting season FY23 and the Sector Outlook

In this article, we discuss the FY23 reporting season and provides an overview of sectors covered by FIIG's Research team, including Insurance, Airline, and Real Estate. We highlight the challenges and trends in each sector, such as the solid performance in Insurance, mixed outlook for Airlines, and challenges in the Real Estate sector and emphasize the importance of diversifying portfolios across sectors for better returns and reviews the overall economic trend.

Knowledge Series – Benefits of being a Wholesale Client

In this article, we discuss the advantages of Wholesale Client status for bond investors and how it expands one's bond choices. We also discuss the criteria for attaining this status and emphasize the benefits, including access to crucial credit ratings from agencies like Standard & Poor's and Moody's, which are essential for evaluating bond issuers. Additionally, it is important to understand and distinguish between Investment Grade and Sub-Investment Grade bonds when evaluating bond risks.

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