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Very low risk bonds with attractive yields - AAA covered bonds yielding over 4%

The rise in rates since the start of the year has been historic – the fastest in the bond market in nearly 40 years. This means that there are opportunities across the whole spectrum of the market for the first time in a long time, as yields on all bonds are markedly higher, and in many cases higher than the dividend yield available on the equivalent shares.

Trade opportunities

Just for starters - A beginner's bond portfolio

Investing in a DirectBond portfolio through FIIG means you will have control over what you invest in, when you buy and sell, access to daily pricing and market leading reporting. This note suggests a beginner’s portfolio that can be scaled up or down and meets our suggested ~70% investment grade, ~30% high yield allocation.


Short dated fixed rate bonds - this is the value

Given the huge rate rises priced into the market currently, we see value in short to medium term – say 3-5 year – fixed rate bonds. The advantage of fixed rate here is that they capture and lock in those market expectations even though they have not eventuated yet.

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