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Wholesale Sample Portfolios Update – December 2023

November marked a turning point in the last nearly 2 years of fighting inflation with rising interest rates. The market began firmly pricing in the end of hikes and the start of cuts. This is mainly because historically central banks have held rates steady at their peak for no more than about 7 months on average before cutting them again, as economies run into a wall of higher borrowing costs.

Trade opportunities

Wholesale Sample Portfolios Update – November 2023

October featured a shift from quiet markets in the first half to a flurry of new bond issues in the latter half, impacting rates. While the US economy showed strength, other indicators raised questions. In the portfolios, noteworthy changes included the introduction of the AMP Limited senior 2026 bond in the Conservative portfolio, a switch from AMPOL, and a similar move in the Balanced portfolio. The High Yield portfolio focused on diversification and RMBS bonds with attractive margins.

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