About FIIG

Welcome to FIIG, the fixed income experts

FIIG provides investors, intermediaries and institutions access to high-quality fixed income investments they can trust 

As Australia’s largest fixed income specialist, FIIG is committed to helping Australians secure their financial future by enabling direct investment in the fixed income market. At FIIG we put the customer first by providing: 

  • Fixed income expertise through our people, our research and our thought leadership;
  • Direct access to a wide variety of fixed income products and services; and
  • Control and transparency through industry best practice custody and reporting services.

Fixed income at the core

A diversified investment strategy is essential for the stability of investors’ investment portfolios. Fixed income plays a core role in the investment risk and reward spectrum by delivering greater capital stability than other asset classes such as property and equities, but with higher yields than those earned from cash. Please note that a corporate bond is not a bank deposit. Corporate bonds have a greater risk of loss of some or all of an investor’s capital compared to bank deposits. Fixed income also provides a regular income stream through interest payments and liquidity via a deep and active market for buying and selling fixed income products. On average, developed economies allocate at least 25% of their investment portfolios to fixed income,* however Australians currently allocate under 10%, leaving their portfolios vulnerable to the inherent volatility of equities and property.

Trust the experts

At FIIG we concentrate our expertise on just one financial discipline – fixed income products. That’s how we’ve earned our reputation for being the experts. Our many customers trust FIIG with their fixed income investment choices.
With over 15 years’ experience, over $11 billion under advice and having placed over $1.6 billion for rated and unrated debt issuers, our track record speaks for itself.

Objectivity you can depend on

FIIG operates with complete objectivity in providing direct access to fixed income products for our customers:

  • FIIG is not owned by any financial institution.
  • FIIG’s board of directors is supported by a strong executive leadership team and over 120 employees with extensive domestic and international expertise.
  • FIIG’s financial accounts and internal controls relating to the processing of transactions and custodial services are audited by PwC.

Our offering is underpinned by three core attributes that put our customers first

About FIIG