Tuesday 30 August 2016 by At FIIG

Exciting step forward with new bond portfolio report

Tracking bond portfolio holdings will be easier than ever with our new portfolio performance report, available early September

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We are thrilled to announce the impending launch of an exciting new portfolio performance report, available in the coming weeks to existing clients through the MyFIIG online portal. We have spent months compiling the report and testing the data which we’ve developed in response to your comments.

The report offers a tailored view of your current FIIG bond and deposit holdings. Each bond and deposit will have its own page where you can see the following:

  • Cashflow summary and break down
  • Current clean price and clean price history
  • Yield to maturity
  • Running yield
  • Trading margin
  • New internal rate of return (IRR) percentages – both annualised gross return and gross return over the bond holding period.*

You will also be able to access integrated cashflow projections, as well as an Australian dollar denominated market valuation for foreign currency bonds, included in a summary of the entire portfolio.

The portfolio performance report offers a new channel for your bond holdings, which you will be able to generate on demand through MyFIIG. All information in the report is updated at close of business each day.

Please look out for an email announcing the report’s official launch in coming weeks, as well as a second more detailed article in the WIRE, explaining the features in more detail. A sample screenshot of the first page of the report is below.

portfolio performance screenshot

*Note: Bond holding period is from date of first purchase to current day close of business.