Wednesday 20 December 2023 by FIIG Securities General

Our most popular articles of 2023

 Grab a coffee and enjoy the read. Here we round out the top five articles of 2023, with number 2 through to 5.​

BBSW - what is it and how is it used
One of the key terms for Australian fixed income investors is the Bank Bill Swap Rate, more commonly referred to as BBSW. While BBSW has many used, for fixed income investors its main relevance is as a benchmark upon which we evaluate bonds or other investments. Read on.

The lifecycle of a bond - events to look out for
Bonds can have a number of pre-determined milestones built into the documentation which are important for investors to consider, such as early calls, but there are also other events that can make changes to the way investors view a bond. Read on.



Portfolio strategies for FY23 - locking in higher returns
As central banks close in on their respective terminal rate, with the current tightening cycle widely expected to end this year, we look at the trading implications for the remainder of FY23 and how best to position portfolios. Read on.



Introducing the FIIG Australian Bond Fund - Meet the Team
Following the launch of FIIG's inaugural bond fund, in this first article of a three-part series we delve into the team behind the fund and their deep experience in fixed income markets. They also discuss the philosophy of the fund, which will be further expanded on in the following editions. Read on.