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Dicker Data and McPherson's bonds now available to retail investors

Retail investors can now invest in high yield Dicker Data and McPhersons bonds with yields to maturity ranging from 6.52% to 7.69% per annum

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Dicker Data

Dicker Data is an ASX listed wholesale distributor of computer hardware and related products. The company has over 37 years’ experience with operations in Australia and New Zealand. In April 2014, Dicker Data became a top three IT distributor in Australasia following the acquisition of Express Data.

The combined group has 350 employees and distributes to over 5,000 resellers across Australia and NZ. Dicker Data has long established relationships with over 40 vendors including Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba and other major global brands.

The Notes offer a floating return (paid quarterly) of 90 day BBSW + 4.40% p.a. with a maturity in March 2020 and  callable at the company’s option from March 2018 at 103% or from March 2019 at 101.50% The bonds are currently offered at an indicative yield to maturity of 6.52%. The minimum parcel size is $10,000.

The Dicker Data research report can be found by clicking here.

McPherson's Limited

McPherson’s is an ASX listed, leading marketer and distributor of health & beauty, consumer durable and household consumable products, with operations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. It has a long history and was established in 1860.

The company has a diverse distribution channel including grocery, pharmacy department stores as well as independents and operates across five key divisions.

McPherson’s offers fixed and floating rate notes in minimum parcel sizes of $10,000.

The floating rate notes deliver a coupon of 4.30% + BBSW paid quarterly and are offered at an indicative yield to maturity of 7.40%. The notes mature in March 2019 and are callable from March 2017 at 103% or from March 2018 at 101.5%

The fixed rate notes offer a coupon of 7.10% paid semi annually and an indicative yield to maturity of 7.69%. The notes mature in March 2021 and are callable from March 2018 at 103%, March 2019 at 102% or from March 2020 at 101%.

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Pricing is accurate as at 4 April 2016 but subject to change. Please contact your local dealer for more information.