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FIIG's online application - securing your income in less than 5 minutes

Opening a FIIG Direct Bonds account has never been faster or easier with FIIG’s online application process.

FIIG's ongoing focus on its clients is reflected in its online Direct Bonds application process, available on our website, making opening an account faster and simpler by:

  • Showing you only the information required to open your account
  • Prefilling information you’ve entered earlier
  • Highlighting when you have missed critical information, and
  • Informing you if your Tax File Number isn’t correct:


The online account opening process starts with what type of account you will be opening, and then steps you through the information we need to open your account.

This could be an individual, joint, a company, a superannuation fund or a trust. This means you no longer have to wonder if a tick box or blank field is relevant to you. To make things easier, when you have already entered your information, our online application will let you reuse the information at the tick of a box to save you time:


When reviewing your application our online system shows any areas you may have missed, and lets you change anything you have entered.

After accepting the terms and conditions, and very importantly allowing you to sign your acceptance of the terms and conditions electronically, your submission is checked electronically within a minute.

A checklist clearly communicates which documents are needed and allows you to upload them directly to your application. The most commonly required documents are a certified copy of a drivers licence or passport and, if a family trust account is being opened, a certified copy of the trust deed cover page, schedule page, execution page and pages that contain the full names of the trust deed settlor and list of beneficiaries.


Download the Deloitte Corporate Bond Report

Our friendly Client Services team is always available to answer questions and will be in contact throughout the account opening process to support you.

Your completed application, including all uploaded documents is sent straight to our Client Services team, who will contact you within one business day to organise any outstanding information.

Your account will be opened within three days of us receiving all documentation. For security reasons, your banking details are verified against a bank statement, which needs to be provided directly to our Client Services team.

Setting up your portfolio

If you have an existing Relationship Manager at FIIG, they will be kept up to date with the progress of your new account opening and will assist in setting up your portfolio.

If you are new to FIIG, you can request a Relationship Manager if you have been referred or know one, or our Client Services team will introduce you to one.

While your account is being opened, your personal Relationship Manager will be in contact to discuss your investment strategy.

Each of our clients decide which companies they want to invest in, and every portfolio is bespoke to that individual’s outlook and strategy. It’s your choice to invest in, or not invest in, any company that issues bonds.

That means you can vote with your dollars when it comes to anything that is important to you. You can build an investment portfolio you feel best suits your risk profile and financial and/or ethical strategy, and feel good while you earn interest.

Opening a FIIG Securities Direct Bonds account has never been faster or easier. Talk to us today and find out how fixed income can deliver you certainty during these volatile times, and open an account online to get started.