Tuesday 16 February 2016 by FIIG Research New issues list

New issues

No new issues for the period 10 - 16 February 2016. However, in other news Coca-Cola and Credit Suisse announce investor meetings and CommBank launches a new Tier 1 hybrid offer

Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola)

On 16 February, Coca-Cola announced it is meeting with domestic fixed income investors. These series of meetings will start on 7 March, with a potential debut transaction to follow.

Credit Suisse Sydney

Credit Suisse also announced its plan to meet with domestic fixed income investors. The announcement was released on 12 February and meetings are planned to start on 22 February.

Commonwealth Bank (CommBank)

On 16 February, CommBank brought a new Tier 1 hybrid offer for an indicative total amount of A$1.25bn and an indicative pricing range of 520-535 basis points (bps) over the bank bill swap rate (BBSW).  

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Source: KangaNews, FIIG Securities