Friday 18 March 2016 by Company factsheets

Newcrest USD 4.2% 1 October 2022 Senior Unsecured Bond factsheet


Newcrest Finance Pty Ltd USD 4.2% 01 October 2022 Senior Unsecured Bond

 Newcrest Finance Pty Limited, the issuer of the bond, is a wholly owned subsidiary of and a financing company for Newcrest Mining Limited.

Newcrest Mining Limited (‘Newcrest’) is Australia’s largest gold producer and ranked in the top five global producers by output. It owns a portfolio of six production assets in four countries including Cadia Valley (NSW), Telfer (WA), Lihir Island (PNG), Gosowong (Indonesia), Bonikro (Côte d’lvoire, West Africa) and a 50% investment in the Hidden Valley JV (PNG). Newcrest is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and as at 7 March 2016 it had a market capitalisation of $13.2bn ranking it in the top 50 companies on the ASX by market capitalisation.

Copper byproduct accounts for about 15% of revenue and assists in keeping production costs competitive, which are forecast to reduce further as Cadia East and Lihir ramp up production.