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Challenger Life Company AUD BBSW+2.10% 24-Nov-42 Subordinated Tier 2 Notes Factsheet


Challenger Life Company AUD BBSW+2.10% 24-Nov-42 subordinated tier 2 notes

Challenger Life Company Limited (Issuer, CLC) is a member of the Challenger Group, an investment management group operating primarily in Australia. The Issuer’s ultimate parent company (and the non-operating holding company of the Group) is Challenger Limited.

The Subordinated Notes are direct, unsecured, subordinated debt obligations of the Issuer, issued for the purpose of, and are referable to, the business of Statutory Fund No. 2 (Statutory Fund), which covers the bulk of CLC’s Australian domestic annuity business. It does not include the entire CLC business.

Challenger is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), under the code ‘CGF’, has a market capitalisation of AUD8.37bn as at 23 November 2017 and is one of Australia’s 100 largest listed companies. The following diagram shows the chain of ownership between the Issuer and Challenger.

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