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Mallinckrodt International Finance SA/ Mallinckrodt CB LLC USD 4.875% 15-Apr-20 Senior Unsecured Notes Factsheet


Mallinckrodt International Finance SA/ Mallinckrodt CB LLC USD 4.875% 15-Apr-20 Senior Unsecured Notes Factsheet 

Mallinckrodt International Finance SA (Issuer) and Mallinckrodt CB, a direct wholly owned subsidiary of the Issuer (US Co-Issuer and, together with the Issuer, the Issuers) are together the issuers of USD750m 5.625% senior unsecured notes due 15 October 2023. The Issuers are wholly owned subsidiaries of Mallinckrodt plc (Mallinckrodt, Company), a public limited company incorporated in Ireland.

Mallinckrodt is a global business that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes branded and generic specialty pharmaceutical products and therapies. Therapeutic areas of focus include autoimmune and rare disease specialty areas (including neurology, rheumatology, nephrology, ophthalmology and pulmonology); immunotherapy and neonatal critical care respiratory therapies; analgesics and haemostasis products; and central nervous system drugs.

Mallinckrodt’s operates its business in two reportable segments, which are further described below:
• Specialty Brands produces and markets branded pharmaceutical products and therapies; and
• Specialty Generics produces and markets specialty generic pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) consisting of biologics, medicinal opioids, synthetic controlled substances, acetaminophen and other active ingredients

On 24 August 2016, the Company announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Nuclear Imaging business to IBA Molecular (IBAM). On 27 November 2015, Mallinckrodt completed the sale of its contrast media and delivery systems (CMDS) business.

The Company’s Specialty Generics segment can trace its development from the founding of G. Mallinckrodt & Co. in 1867 (predecessor of today's API business).

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