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Liberty Financial AUD 5.10% 9-Apr-21 Senior Unsecured Notes Factsheet


Liberty Financial AUD 5.10% 9-Apr-21 Senior Unsecured Notes Factsheet

Liberty Financial Pty Ltd (Liberty, Company) is a leading specialty financial services company with a staff of approximately 300 finance and technology professionals dedicated to its specialised operations. Liberty was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Melbourne, in addition, the Company operates a corporate office in Sydney and a New Zealand office in Auckland. Since its founding, Liberty has consistently applied technological advances to pursue multiple specialty finance markets with its customised risk management and operational practices. Liberty has been able to develop a unique combination of capabilities to generate competitive advantage and durable financial performance. 

Liberty’s products and services include specialty lending, finance and insurance brokering, receivables servicing, consumer insurance underwriting, and funds management. The Company offers home, car, personal, and business loans; and investment products, such as high yield funds and term investments. The Company was one of the first in Australia to design and offer loans to the underserviced non-prime mortgage market, where borrowers do not have an established credit history. 

Since inception, Liberty and its subsidiaries have originated loans for over 270,000 customers and participated in over AUD20bn of capital market issuance in Australia and overseas.

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