Thursday 18 June 2015 by Company updates

Plenary bond now available to retail investors

FIIG is pleased to now offer the Plenary Bond Finance 7.50% fixed rate bond maturing on 16 June 2021 to retail investors

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With an indicative yield of 5.90%, the Plenary bond is one of the highest yielding bonds available to retail investors. The bond can be called early with a first call of $103 at June 2018 and is available in minimum investment amounts of $10,000.


Plenary Bond Co Pty Ltd as trustee for the Plenary Bond Finance Unit Trust (‘PBF) is special purpose finance subsidiary created specifically to act as the borrowing vehicle or the issuance of bonds secured against shares in eight infrastructure projects. PBF is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Plenary Group, a leading sponsor of Public-Private Partnerships in Australia (PPPs), with extensive history and experience in the development and management of PPPs. Principal and interest on the bond is paid by Plenary Group to PBF from an amount equal to the actual distributions of eight PPPs diversified by geography and industry sector.


The Plenary research report can be found at the following link.


Please note pricing is indicative only and subject to change. Please contact your FIIG representative for more information or if you are interested in investing in the Plenary bond.