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Mackay Sugar update on cyclone Debbie

Mackay Sugar has released an update on cyclone Debbie

Key points:

  • Mills: Superficial damage.
  • Rail assets: Significant track ballast/base washout as well as culvert destruction. Assessments are still under way, but early estimates put the work identified to date at over $500,000 to repair. Also some damage and maintenance needed on sugar rail bins.
  • Crops: Crop damage is still under investigation but it may be significant. It may take a few weeks to ascertain as it take time to see if crops recover.
  • Impact on crushing season: While there is a lost week of planned maintenance, this is offset by the reduction in crop yield and therefore Mackay Sugar expects the season to run on schedule.

Mackay Sugar will provide further comments once it is able to more clearly quantify impact.

More information is available here.External link - opens in a new window