Tuesday 22 July 2014 by Legacy

FIIG announces new Joint Venture with MH Carnegie

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FIIG is pleased to announce a joint venture, Alternate Debt Services (ADS), with one of Australia’s most prominent private equity fund managers, MH Carnegie. ADS will source high yield investment opportunities in entrepreneurial and high growth companies for institutional funds and professional investors, and will provide Australian corporate borrowers with a more flexible and tailored funding solution to those already offered in the debt capital markets.

The new business will fill a market gap that has been created by the retreat of the banks from providing all but plain vanilla debt funding in the wake of the new Basel III rules while also offering professional investors the higher yield products they have been seeking.

Carnegie is a venture capital, private equity and alternative asset manager based in Sydney. It invests in Australasian businesses, entrepreneurs and ideas, and also provides specialist advisory services to companies seeking independent strategic advice. It is a great partner for FIIG in establishing and launching the new Alternate Debt Services business and demonstrates that FIIG can continue to create a more vibrant corporate debt market in Australia.