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Bond yields for direct bond investors

Bonds are usually a very simple investment. In their most common form you lend your funds to a company or a government, and in return they pay you interest on set dates and return capital at maturity. But some bonds and hybrids have call dates which can add a level of complexity when quoting a yield

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Sunland Group Ltd research report 2016

Sunland Group Ltd (Sunland) is an ASX listed residential property development group with over 30 years’ industry experience. The business operates primarily in South East Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne and develops land subdivisions, medium density housing, as well as multistorey and high rise projects.

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Trade opportunities

Ten good reasons to bond with property

You don't have to borrow big or worry about falling prices to invest in property. Property companies issue corporate bonds and they can be a great alternative – here are ten reasons why you might invest in a property bond instead of direct investment with a mortgage

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