Will normal interest rates ever return? One argument that points to a strong “no”

Governments around the world simply cannot afford higher interest rates. The major economies of the US, EU, China and Japan are so indebted that any increase in rates has a greater impact on their budgets than prior to the GFC. What’s more, a slower economic growth forecast means a slower increase in their revenues, putting their interest coverage ratios under much more pressure if rates rise

Tuesday 27 September 2016 by
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AUD falls after the RBA’s cash rate cut last Tuesday, government bonds at a record low, and strong demand for the Royal Women’s Health fixed rate bond

Tuesday 10 May 2016 by
Week in review

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Headline quarterly CPI posts negative, domestic rates fall and Fortescue to redeem their 2019 senior unsecured bond

Tuesday 03 May 2016 by

RBA decision and inflation

The RBA's cash rate has remained the same, although direction for the year ahead is dependent on how the global economic direction unfolds

Thursday 07 April 2016 by

Managed Income Portfolio Service – Inflation-Linked Income Investment Program

The new Managed Income Portfolio Service offers four strategy options: Core Income, Income Plus, Inflation-Linked and a Customised approach for investors with $5 million or more to invest. Over the past fortnight we have introduced the Core Income and Income Plus options. This week, we profile the Inflation-Linked option

Monday 31 August 2015 by
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