Jon Sheridan

Jonathan Sheridan

A chartered accountant, Jon has been working in investment markets for over 15 years, mainly for global investment banks. Before joining FIIG, he had a short stint as a stay-at-home Dad. Most recently, he was a private banker at Credit Suisse, advising individuals and families on multi asset class investment strategies and opportunities. Jon joined FIIG in 2013, and now specialises in fixed income for private clients and leads that side of the business. 

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Wholesale Sample Portfolios Update – February 2024

A month is a long time in markets, and it’s been at least that long since we updated the portfolios. It’s also been the summer holidays domestically which means a quiet time, and this has definitely been the case apart from one spike of activity around the new Santander bond. In the run up to Christmas interest rates fell quite a long way as the end of the hiking cycle got some investors excited. Since then, the story has been a reversion of this excitement as some of the cuts began to be priced out again and yields rose.

Trade opportunities

Wholesale Sample Portfolios Update – December 2023

November marked a turning point in the last nearly 2 years of fighting inflation with rising interest rates. The market began firmly pricing in the end of hikes and the start of cuts. This is mainly because historically central banks have held rates steady at their peak for no more than about 7 months on average before cutting them again, as economies run into a wall of higher borrowing costs.

Trade opportunities

Wholesale Sample Portfolios Update – November 2023

October featured a shift from quiet markets in the first half to a flurry of new bond issues in the latter half, impacting rates. While the US economy showed strength, other indicators raised questions. In the portfolios, noteworthy changes included the introduction of the AMP Limited senior 2026 bond in the Conservative portfolio, a switch from AMPOL, and a similar move in the Balanced portfolio. The High Yield portfolio focused on diversification and RMBS bonds with attractive margins.

Knowledge Series

Benefits of being a Wholesale Client – Structured Credit

In this article, we discuss the benefits of being a wholesale client and delve into the complexity of structured credit. Structured credit involves pooled assets, payment waterfalls, and various metrics specific to the sector, making it more intricate than standard bonds, with ratings available typically only to Wholesale clients.


Knowledge Series – Benefits of being a Wholesale Client #2

In this series, we previously discussed how credit ratings assist wholesale clients in assessing bond risks. This edition focuses on FIIG-arranged unrated primary deals available exclusively to wholesale clients. FIIG's mission was to meet the demand from investors for higher yields amid declining interest rates and provide growth opportunities for mid-sized corporates previously excluded from capital markets. To date, FIIG has arranged 75 unrated bond issues, offering attractive returns and resilience compared to high-grade bonds.

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