Kieran Quaine, Head of Investment Management, FIIG Securities

Kieran Quaine

Head of Investment Management

Kieran Quaine is the Head of Investment Management and is responsible for all investment decisions for FIIG’s Managed Income Portfolio Service and the FIIG Australian Bond Fund. He has over 30 years of experience in fixed income markets.

After graduating from Canberra University, Kieran spent a total of 11 years managing fixed income portfolios across a complex array of mandates valued at several billion dollars at various AMP entities including AMP Life, Capital, and Henderson, at the time the largest fixed income manager in Australia. In addition to AMP, he was a proprietary fixed income trader for Chemical Bank and since 2008 has been at FIIG in various senior roles including Head of Facilitation, Risk, Syndicate, and since 2016 Head of Portfolio Management.

Kieran is responsible for all investment strategies executed within both the Trust and across the standard and customised MIPS products that have a current FUM of >$300m. He is responsible for product design, mandate design, and will be the key conduit for the new Trust, achieving a rating by Asset Consultants and growth expectations toward $1bn under management.

Trade opportunities

MIPS Bank Bond Investment Program

Head of MIPS, Kieran Quaine continues to deliver outstanding results. Here we feature excerpts from the year end report, specifically from the low risk bank bond program, primarily for institutional clients. Kieran shares his key investment strategies

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