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The Macro Landscape: Taking a second look at 2024

In this article, we will take a closer look at the state government capex spending, cash rates around the world, labour markets in Australia and a LOCK strategy to guide successful bond market investing in 2024.

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Macroeconomic Questions and Answers

As part of the recent FIIG webinar on the Macroeconomic Outlook, we opened the (digital) floor to questions. Working on the theory that if one person is curious enough to publicly ask the question, a lot more people are curious enough to know the answer, we present the questions from that webinar with answers written by FIIG’s Head of Research, Philip Brown.

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The Benefits of a Portfolio Risk Review

FIIG’s Investment Strategy Team conducts an annual review of client portfolios, in addition to portfolio reviews carried out throughout the year. This assists clients to better understand the construction of their portfolios to make more insightful investment decisions.

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Wholesale Sample Portfolios Update – December 2023

November marked a turning point in the last nearly 2 years of fighting inflation with rising interest rates. The market began firmly pricing in the end of hikes and the start of cuts. This is mainly because historically central banks have held rates steady at their peak for no more than about 7 months on average before cutting them again, as economies run into a wall of higher borrowing costs.

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