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Bond Basics #3

In this final edition for the Bond basics series we will explain the capital structure – one of the key defining pieces of information about the risk of your bond – and see how it works in practice.

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Issuance market for 2021

Markets had anticipated less new issuance due to monetary policies, however investors still saw a healthy pipeline of supply. This was mostly a result of corporate issuers taking advantage of market conditions and locking in funding ahead of any potential rate rises in the near future. Green issuance was also on the rise over the year. Here we discuss the key trends in primary markets over 2021.

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Market Commentary: volatility, short & long dated yields

With fears of escalating inflation, surging COVID-19 cases, central bank tapering, and concerns of an equity-market correction (to name a few!), there has been a bit for investors to digest this year. Here we press pause, review current market volatility, moves in the yield curve and the impact for fixed income portfolios.


FIIG clients return an average of 7.74% for FY21*

The return achieved on fixed income investments during FY21 was higher than many clients expected. In this article we review the FY21 year which was characterised by financial markets recovering from the initial sell-off at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Sample portfolio update – October

Whilst last month’s announcement was a damp squib, further commentary from Regional Presidents seemed to convince the market that longer term (10-year) yields needed to be higher, and we saw the Australian government 10-year yield follow the US Treasury about 30bps (0.30%) higher over the month.

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