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The dividend tide goes out

Investors are having to adjust to the riskier nature of equity investing as more and more companies reduce, cancel or defer dividends. Those with a truly diversified portfolio should however be cushioned from this loss in income, thanks to the regular cashflow from a low risk bond portfolio.


The importance of portfolio diversification

The coronavirus induced volatility has really brought the importance of portfolio diversification to the forefront of investors’ minds. Now is the perfect time to assess both the make-up of your portfolio and risk exposure within the portfolio.


Different portfolio strategies needed as you age

You’ve worked so hard to build your portfolio, but as you age, investment strategies may need to be revised from growing returns to protection of capital. Whether you’re a young investor or over the age of 65, here are some considerations to help you transition your portfolio through the years

Trade opportunities

Getting out the Bazooka

COVID-19 has left credit markets in anything but a normal state. This current lack of normalisation is characterised by wide bid/offer spreads, lack of intermediaries preparedness to provide any liquidity at all and a significant blowing out of credit spreads (in the case of corporate credit).

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