Out with the old

Asmita Kulkarni CFA, FIIG's Director of Investment Strategy speaks to the Financial Standard about how Australian investor portfolios compare to the rest of the world and the factors that influence this.

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Hope is not a strategy

The recent risk market rally reflects hope for a sharp recovery as economies slowly reopen. However, bond markets are once again diverging from equities and predicting a different future. Call me biased but my bet is on bonds. Bond markets are seldom incorrect in the long run. For now investment grade credit is best placed to navigate risks without foregoing too much return.

Trade opportunities

A Very Uncertain Life after COVID - where to from here?

As we have highlighted in our recent article "Hope is not a strategy", risk assets, in particular the equity market, are pricing in a decidedly V-shaped recovery from the CO\/ID-19 lockdown and subsequent economic shock. We feel that path is unIikely with a U or even L shaped recovery a more probable outcome and suggest investments to consider on that basis.

Trade opportunities

Just for starters - A beginner's bond portfolio

Investing in a DirectBond portfolio through FIIG means you will have control over what you invest in, when you buy and sell, access to daily pricing and market leading reporting. This note suggests a beginner’s portfolio that can be scaled up or down and meets my suggested 70% investment grade, 30% high yield allocation

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