Week in review

From the trading desk

Strong Australian employment data, rise in US CPI. Switches into the shorter dated Frontier 2021, renewed interest in the Avon 2022 and popular trades in AUD high yield bonds following call on IPG 2019. Newfound RMBS lines offering good value. The Noble 7.75% bond benefits from Talen exits and Fitch assigns Adani Abbott Point an investment grade rating


Musings from a soon to be retiree

Paul Gray, senior relationship manager from our Mornington satellite office in Melbourne retires later this month. Paul brought great wisdom with him when he joined FIIG nine years ago, we will miss him. He has penned a few thoughts about his 48 year career and the changes he’s seen. Finally leaving us some ‘general advice’

Sales commentary

Boring into offshore drillers

Oil price dynamics have improved enough to provide confidence that future profitability in offshore production, exploration and production companies will increase spending on offshore activity. As the offshore drilling sector begins to recover, we review three participants including a new addition to the DirectBond list from Noble

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