A housing bust in Australia? Not so fast

Guest economist, Saul Eslake says the forecasting of an imminent collapse in Aussie housing prices from foreign and local observers ... is a bust. Compared to other countries, he suggests a 'housing bust' in Australia is an unlikely scenario


New era for central banks

Guest economist, Saul Eslake looks at the current global shift by central banks in ‘advanced’ economies to increase inflation, rather than keep it down as seen in the past decade. He also details why tax cuts and Trump tariffs are likely to put the US under inflationary pressure this year


Travel to new places with Sydney Airport bonds

Attention Sydney Airport holders, with the 2030s selling at a premium, it may be time to switch to the 2020 inflation linked bond for great relative value. You don't have to hold bonds to maturity, investors prepared to trade can earn higher returns. This note tells the story

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