Having an SMSF just got even harder

A very important new rule – disclosing events in a timely manner to the tax office – has been largely overlooked. SMSFs with more than $1m in super need to be aware of the implications


Unwinding of QE – dispelling the myths

The long talked about unwinding of QE – known as QT - is finally here, at least for the US. Markets took the announcement in their stride without the “taper temper” volatility seen over the past few years on policy changes, thanks to the Fed drip feeding the news over the past year. But what does it actually mean for interest rates, the USD and the global economy?


Back to the future…

FIIG founder Jim Stening is back managing the company but did you know he was the original editor of The WIRE? Here he recounts his early days, the impact of the GFC and his thoughts on the future of the market

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