Risks for the EU rising

Germany’s far right nationalism party, the AfD, has become the first far right political party to enter parliament since WWII. While the AfD only won 12.6% of the vote and are a far cry from the extreme Nazi Party of 1920-1945, the anti immigration and anti EU positions of the AfD will have implications for German government and financial markets


Rates up or down? Economists divided, again

The Australian economy is shifting and opinions are divided. After years of “surprising” economic results, the divide between the “lower-for-longer” and the “return to normal” interest rate camps is widening. In this article we look at who is in each camp and what the key arguments are so that readers can form their own view Importantly, I consider yields on long term bonds an opportunity


China’s debt deadline is looming large

China’s debt to GDP ratios are rapidly passing those of more mature western economies with an increasing number of regulators and economists sounding the alarm of a looming crisis. In previous seminars and articles, we have labelled this as the greatest risk for Australian investors. We upgrade the probability of a hard landing

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