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New issues list

New Issues

New issues for the period 5 December – 12 December 2017 including: AMP Bank, ANZ, ETSA Utilities, L-Bank, Macquarie, NIB, Pepper, Province of Alberta, Qudos Mutual, Rentenbank, SAFA, Think Tank and Vodafone


The outlook for Australian bond yields

Bond yields are projected to rise in 2018 and 2019, but by how much? Where will they settle? Warren shows historically, it takes a very long while for them to rise 200bps above low points. He then forecasts end 2018, mid 2019 and long term rates

Week in review

From the trading desk

Adani calls November 2018 bond, pricing to come. Frontier 2025 holders switch to shorten duration and Noble offers attractive yield over Transocean 2023. RMBS continues as a target out of subordinated debt, sell offs in longer dated Aussie IABs, and popular trades in Challenger 2022, Cash Converters 2018 and Merredin 2022 bonds

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