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CBA FY18 Results - Housing Themes

The monolith, CBA is also a bellwether for the broader housing market, so worth analysing for investors with exposure to residential property, either direct or indirect such as Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS)

Week in review

From the trading desk

This week, US sanctions on Turkey impacts global markets, New DirectBond from Nufarm, IAMGOLD 2025 remains popular, Frontier and Talen lines downgraded by S&P, FIIG originated bonds traded heavily throughout the week

New issues list

New Issues

New issues for the period 8 August - 15 August 2018 including: CNH, Commbank, HSBC Sydney, IFC, KBN, KfW, L-Bank, Liberty, NRW, NWB, Police Bank, SMBC, Toyota Australia, Resimac

Company updates

Company updates - Axsesstoday, Frontier, Mackay Sugar, Windstream, Zenith, ZipMoney, quarterly results and updated factsheets

This week, Axsesstoday FY18 highlights and FY19 earnings guidance, Frontier 2Q 2018 results and downgrade, Mackay Sugar court decision not considered material, Windstream lowered to select default post finalisation of exchange offer, new issue Zenith Energy announces two contract extensions, ZipMoney FY18 results, quarterly results, updated factsheets

Trade opportunities

MIPS Bank Bond Investment Program

Head of MIPS, Kieran Quaine continues to deliver outstanding results. Here we feature excerpts from the year end report, specifically from the low risk bank bond program, primarily for institutional clients. Kieran shares his key investment strategies

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