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A dynamic comment and news website delivering fixed income news, insights and research brought to you by FIIG, the Fixed Income Experts.

As the weekly newsletter did in the past, The WIRE website provides research, analysis and discussion on the latest and most important fixed income developments from Australia and overseas. The WIRE weekly newsletter has over 13,000 subscribers. However, from this site you can access the news as we publish it so the weekly newsletter will simply be a summary of what we have written that week.

At FIIG, our customers are at the centre of what we do.

For over 15 years we have put our customers first by providing fixed income expertise, direct access to a wide range of fixed income products, control and transparency through industry best practice custody and reporting services. Through market-leading research and thought leadership, we empower investors and their advisors with knowledge and insights.

In order to continue to fulfil this vision we needed to develop a platform where you could go to get the latest news instead of waiting for our once a week publication.
And so our Digital Team developed The WIRE website which is optimized for all devices. However you want to access The WIRE website, such as from your PC, mobile or tablet; imagery and text will be clear and scaled to fit your screen. Now you can check the latest news on the go.

The WIRE delivers fixed income news spanning;

  • Research - bond and issuer specific research including reports, factsheets and company updates,
  • Education – basic and advanced educational fixed income articles
  • Commentary – opinion pieces, trade opportunities and week in review style articles (reminiscent of the From the Trading Desk article) and
  • Market Data – the FIIG Bond Rate Sheet updated daily, regularly updated market statistics and the new issues list.
The Contributors


For editorial suggestions or voluntary editorial contributions please email Sophie Kessler, Media and Communications Assistant sophie.kessler@fiig.com.au.