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Bond yields for direct bond investors

Bonds are usually a very simple investment. In their most common form you lend your funds to a company or a government, and in return they pay you interest on set dates and return capital at maturity. But some bonds and hybrids have call dates which can add a level of complexity when quoting a yield

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Review your own portfolio in five easy steps

Lately, I’ve been working on portfolio reviews for my clients, focussing on diversification. Throughout the year, there are always interesting opportunities however I think it’s important to regularly review your portfolio and to think about what you want to achieve. Are you looking for capital stability, higher returns or a bit of both?

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BBSW evolves as major banks are fined

This week, the big bank rate rigging case returns to court. Rate setting scandals have rocked global financial markets over the last few years. The setting of BBSW, one of the most important benchmark rates for Australian investors and borrowers, has been evolving to suit the times

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