Week in review

From the trading desk

Credit indices widen as Trump wallows, increased appeal in 10 year US Treasuries, a new GBP DirectBond from Petrobras, RWH and Sydney Airport remain in favour and investors look to diversify with the new Avon Products 2022 bond

New issues list

New Issues

New issues for the period 16 August 2017 – 22 August 2017 including: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, ETSA Utilities Finance, BTMU Sydney, KfW Bankengruppe and more


A decade shows that bonds beat shares

If you were asked to name the best performing asset in the past decade you’d probably choose residential property and you would be correct. You might then reasonably expect shares to come in well ahead of bonds, but actually bonds win.


China’s debt deadline is looming large

China’s debt to GDP ratios are rapidly passing those of more mature western economies with an increasing number of regulators and economists sounding the alarm of a looming crisis. In previous seminars and articles, we have labelled this as the greatest risk for Australian investors. We upgrade the probability of a hard landing

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