Monday 10 August 2015 by Emma Jenkin At FIIG

What is the Managed Income Portfolio Service?


Our new service “MIPS” gives you the benefit of direct investing without the worry. Our specialist portfolio team take care of day to day management and portfolio allocation while interest payments are made direct to your account. You have the benefit of being able to look at your account and its holdings on a daily basis much the same way you would with your shares

Managed Income Portfolio Service

The Managed Income Portfolio Service (MIPS) was launched last week following the successful soft launch where investors’ placed over $40m in MIPS.

The MIPS offer provides wholesale investors with a hands-off way to invest directly in fixed income while receiving all of the interest income. For many of FIIG’s direct bond investors, transparency and control over investments is important and MIPS has been designed to ensure this is maintained.

MIPS has the following key features for investors:

  • Managed account – investments are in individually managed accounts ensuring direct segregated ownership
  • Discretionary management –the Portfolio Management team manages your portfolio and can act quickly to take advantage of opportunities
  • Three investment programs including:
    1. Core Income – regular income with low capital volatility currently targeting a yield to maturity (YTM) of 4.25% per annum net of fees^.
    2. Income Plus – strong income with moderate risk target YTM 5.4% p.a.
    3. Inflation Linked – protect purchasing power target YTM 3.3% p.a.
  • Customised programs available for over $5m
  • Wholesale investors – the first stage of MIPS is available to wholesale investors only from $250,000

Next Tuesday 18 August, Liz Moran will host a webinar featuring Emma Jenkin, Director of Managed Accounts to discuss the new service and answer questions from participants. Register for the Managed Income Portfolio Service WebinarExternal link - opens in a new window.

See the Managed Income Portfolio webpageExternal link - opens in a new window for more information.