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Top ten WIRE articles FY17

Now that the financial year is over, we thought you might like to view our top read WIRE articles for FY17. The articles in this list are from a range of contributors – some are technical, others educational – with all offering a wealth of information

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1. Capital gains tax concessions under the new superannuation rules – a blessing or a curse?

10 April 2017 | Tony Negline

The Morrison super changes are dramatic and far reaching.  One of the areas that is causing most interest is the CGT uplift that might adjust the cost base of a super fund asset. This article will help you understand how the rules work.

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2. Bank subordinated Tier 2 debt now available to retail investors

14 March 2017 | John Manning

Bank subordinated debt has been a favoured trade for wholesale investors, with good relative value yields. We are pleased to make the bonds available to retail investors.

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3. Looking for income? Try these 11 US dollar high yield bonds

24 January 2017 | Elizabeth Moran