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Meet the team – Tom Guest

Our series "Meet the team" continues with Tom Guest, Director – Fixed Income

Tom is a Brisbane local who joined FIIG as a dealer five years ago after stints as an Tom Guest portraitanalyst with Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) and before that with Credit Suisse International in London.

When he isn’t helping clients with their portfolios, Tom is a big sports fan and, together with a close group of friends, a serial race horse owner. Tom and his wife Angela have four daughters, including two year old twins which keep them entertained outside of their busy work schedules.

Below, Tom discusses what attracted him to FIIG, his favourite part of the job, and what he has learned from his clients.

What attracted you to bond broking?

I started my career at Network 10 as a sales and sponsorship executive before moving into financial markets and working for a long time in analyst-type roles. Combining my account management and fixed income experience made a position at FIIG ideal.

What attracted me most though was FIIG’s growth potential. FIIG’s product offering and reputation, combined with the Australian financial landscape, means there is plenty of opportunity.

What do you like about the job?

I like the peace of mind that direct ownership of bonds provides to investors.

What also really appeals to me about FIIG is that, to a large extent, we are laying the tracks for greater fixed income investing across the country. The ongoing innovation that this requires means the job is always interesting on often quite exciting.

What is your top recommendation for clients?

Global fund managers are the most bearish they’ve been since the GFC, due largely to the geopolitical risks we hear and read about on a daily basis. This view has seen a rotation out of riskier assets into cash and bonds, which  indicates the market may be close to a peak. My top recommendation is a simple one, this is the time to review your investment portfolio and ensure you are comfortable with your asset allocation.

In regard to fixed income investing, that all depends on the particular risk appetite and overall objectives. Assuming investors are willing to be active to some degree, trading for value and re-balancing on an ongoing basis is a good general strategy for achieving solid risk-adjusted returns.

What have you learned from your clients?

Experience counts. Always remember that clients have a lifetime of experience and that gives them expertise and insights in various areas and sectors. Recognising this is the key to a collaborative approach and a successful working relationship.

What do you do when you aren’t working?

I come from a family of all boys… my parents are now expecting their eighth granddaughter. I am now greatly outnumbered but loving it. Keeping up with the girls is my other full time job.

But I also enjoy following rugby, AFL, tennis and golf.

Tom is in the Brisbane office and can be contacted on (07) 3231 6621.

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