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Social media has become an extraordinary influence that is reshaping the way we find and consume news. Half of the world’s population is now online and more than 16 million Australians are using social media. Last year, a survey by professional services firm Deloitte, showed social media well on its way to being the primary news source for most Australians. 

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We all know Australian investors have a love affair with equities, but there is a growing appreciation of the benefits of corporate bonds. While commentary is growing, fixed income ‘talk’ remains subdued compared to other asset classes. As Australia’s leading fixed income expert, FIIG provides a regular source of dynamic news and commentary on new issues and trades, domestic or offshore, within the fixed income space.

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This tech giant is the obvious powerhouse dominating the global social landscape and Australia is obsessed with it. With 70% of the nation’s population as active Facebook users, a 2016 report found that Australia leads the world for how often we check the social media platform.

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social networking site for business and professionals. Here, you can research people and companies, connect with past business associates and colleagues, and build new relationships with influencers. It has over 467 million members worldwide and there are approximately 4.2 million monthly active Australian users. With more than two new members per second, LinkedIn is one of the world’s fasted growing social networks. 

Fun fact - LinkedIn is Microsoft’s most expensive acquisition to date (USD26.2 billion)

If you own a business or want to establish a professional identity, here are instances in which LinkedIn has been helpful to users.

Source: Statistica

Here’s a quick infographic on how to improve your networking strategies on LinkedIn

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Donald Trump says he would not be President without Twitter. This platform enables you to get each news scoop or ‘tweet’ in 280 characters – updates that are straight to the point. Simply search a hashtag to find all related news or tweets about literally anything. For example, searching #FIIGoriginated will allow you to see all the latest and past FIIG originated bond issues that FIIG has shared. 

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Simply click on the platform you would like to share on – it will be a similar process for each one. For example, if you click on the LinkedIn icon, you will see the following: 

  Type your own comments in the box that says “Share an update or mention someone using @...” To mention someone, type “@” followed by their profile name, for example, @FIIG Securities or @Simon Michell

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  Click the blue “Share” button and voilà! You have just posted onto your profile page where people are able to see your interests, thoughts or comments on an article. 

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