Monday 07 December 2015 by FIIG Research New issues list

New issues

New issues for the period 2 – 8 December including: AMP floating rate note and CBA priced a 10.5 year fixed rate bond

AMP Bank (AMP)

On 3 December, AMP priced a new floating rate note transaction at 110 basis points (bps) over the 3 month Bank Bill Swap Rate (3m BBSW).

Volume: A$300m
Coupon rate: 3m BBSW +110bps
Issue/re-offer price: par
Maturity date: 11 June 2019

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)

On 7 December, CBA priced a new fixed rate 10.5 year bond at 123.5 bps over the Australian Commonwealth Government Bond (ACGB).

Volume: $100m
Coupon rate: 4.20%
Issue yield: 4.26%
Maturity date: 11 June 2026

Province of Manitoba (Manitoba)

On 2 December, Manitoba priced a new fixed rate bond at 90.75bps over the ACGB.

Volume: A$70m
Coupon rate: 3.75%
Issue yield: 3.770%
Maturity date: 9 June 2026

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