Monday 22 June 2015 by William Arnold Company updates

NEXTDC 2019 bond now available to retail investors

The NEXTDC fixed rate bond maturing on 16 June 2019 was made available to retail investors

We are pleased to announce the NEXTDC 8% (plus a cumulative 1.0% p.a. payable on redemption) fixed rate bond maturing on 16 June 2019 has been added to the Direct Bonds list and is now available to retail investors. With an indicative yield to the first call date in December 2016 of 5.57% and to maturity of 7.42% due 16 June 2019, the bond is one of the highest yielding available to retail investors. The bond is available in a minimum parcel size of $10,000 (FIIG restriction) and $1,000 thereafter.

NEXTDC is a publicly listed company that operates data centres in Australia having developed five across key capital cities. The company was established in May 2010 and listed on the ASX in December 2010. The group currently has a market capitalisation of $448m as at 23 June 2015. 

The NEXTDC research report and factsheet can be found in related articles.

Please note pricing is indicative only and subject to change. Please contact your FIIG representative for more information on the NEXTDC bond.