Tuesday 15 September 2015 by FIIG Research Company updates

Company updates - Coffey and PAYCE

This week, we have updated our comprehensive research reports on Coffey and PAYCE. The Coffey bond is now available to retail investors in $10,000 parcels

New DirectBond: Coffey International Ltd

Today, the bond from Coffey International Ltd (Coffey) has become available for purchase by retail investors.

Coffey is an ASX listed global specialist professional services consultancy with expertise in engineering, geosciences, international development and project management. The last 10 years for the business can be separated into two periods: aggressive acquisition (from 2003 to 2010) and subsequently significant restructuring due to a slowdown in the market. Coffey is now focused on the more stable areas of international aid, infrastructure and a small amount of latter stage mining activity.

This bond has a very attractive indicative yield to maturity of 10.60%. Higher yield is indicative of higher risk as we discussed in the article High yield investing requires a rethink. All investors should read the full research report on the WIRE website if you are considering investing in the Coffey bond.   

PAYCE research report updated


Published 14 September 2015

We have updated our comprehensive research report on PAYCE.

PAYCE Consolidated Limited (PAYCE) is an Australian Stock Exchange listed property development group. PAYCE has a long history with its roots dating back to 1914. The current company was incorporated and listed on the ASX in 1978 (ASX code PAY). The core business is the development of Sydney (and more recently Brisbane) medium density apartments. However, PAYCE are increasingly developing communities where there are both residential apartments and mixed use (retail and commercial) space. Their aim is to maintain post development the mixed use property to create an ongoing rental portfolio. East Village was the first example of this.

Download the PAYCE Research Report from the FIIG website. 

Pricing in this article is accurate as at 15 September 2015 but subject to change. For more information, please contact your FIIG Representative.