Andrew Mayes

Andrew recently joined FIIG as our Associate Director - Bank and Financials Credit Research.

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2019 Mid-Year Credit Outlook

One step forward, two steps back. Central banks across the globe fold cards as markets reassess interest rate expectations amid a backdrop of slowing global growth and ongoing trade tensions.


Interim Report of the Financial Services Royal Commission

The Interim Report of the Financial Services Royal Commission is sober reading, highlighting a financial system where misconduct engineered poor outcomes for many customers and, when revealed, the remediation and punishment appeared to fall substantially short of expectations. But the industry response to the Interim (and final) Report could also increase the visibility and attractiveness of some non bank finance companies as an alternative provider of credit, including some FIIG originated deals.


CBA FY18 Results - Housing Themes

The monolith, CBA is also a bellwether for the broader housing market, so worth analysing for investors with exposure to residential property, either direct or indirect such as Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS)