Asmita Kulkarni - Director – Investment Strategy

Asmita Kulkarni

Trade opportunities

Hope is not a strategy

The recent risk market rally reflects hope for a sharp recovery as economies slowly reopen. However, bond markets are once again diverging from equities and predicting a different future. Call me biased but my bet is on bonds. Bond markets are seldom incorrect in the long run. For now investment grade credit is best placed to navigate risks without foregoing too much return.

Trade opportunities

The dividend tide goes out

Investors are having to adjust to the riskier nature of equity investing as more and more companies reduce, cancel or defer dividends. Those with a truly diversified portfolio should however be cushioned from this loss in income, thanks to the regular cashflow from a low risk bond portfolio.


The importance of portfolio diversification

The coronavirus induced volatility has really brought the importance of portfolio diversification to the forefront of investors’ minds. Now is the perfect time to assess both the make-up of your portfolio and risk exposure within the portfolio.

Trade opportunities

RMBS market update

Like the broader corporate bond market, RMBS is also responding to market uncertainty. Structural support features and government assistance for borrowers will provide short-term support for the asset class.

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