Liz Moran

Elizabeth Moran

Director – Education and Research

Elizabeth is considered an expert in the fixed income asset class and is a regular contributor to The Australian. She frequently writes for and is quoted in other press.

Elizabeth has been with FIIG for seven years and for much of that time has been a corporate and bank analyst. In recent years her passion for education has seen her role shift, to author/edit FIIG’s “The Australian Guide to Fixed Income” and an online fixed income course for Financial Advisors. She continues to edit FIIG’s weekly newsletter, “The WIRE”.

In her role as Director of Education, Elizabeth has delivered presentations at conferences across Australia including Morningstar, Eureka Report, The Australian Shareholders Association and the ASX.

Prior to joining FIIG, Elizabeth worked as an Editor/Analyst for Rapid Ratings, writing daily press releases for Bloomberg.

Elizabeth spent five years in London, three working as a credit rating analyst for NatWest Markets.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business, Elizabeth joined State Bank Victoria/Commonwealth Bank, where she held management roles in communication and trained in corporate credit analysis.

Trade opportunities

USD bond yields given credit ratings – Part 1

Credit ratings help investors judge risk and return. In this note we compare credit ratings, yield and probability of default for US investment grade bonds. Diversification into USD bonds has been a popular move for wholesale qualified investors and, with the Australian dollar trading towards the higher end of its recent range, is likely to continue in 2017


Real assets, less prone to disruption

The digital space is expanding rapidly – it’ll be difficult to predict where the next disruptor or advance comes from. So where does that leave investors? History tells us that bonds are more resilient to change than shares


Superannuation changes videos

Earlier this year we gave our wholesale qualified clients the opportunity to hear about superannuation changes starting 1 July 2017 from one of Australia’s most acclaimed experts, Tony Negline – Head of Superannuation for the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand

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