Emma Jenkin

Emma Jenkin

Director – Portfolio Structuring

Emma has been with FIIG for three years and is an expert on the capital structure with a focus on hybrids. Emma has over 10 years’ experience in the finance industry working in Sydney, London and Melbourne in origination, investment and research roles for UBS and FIIG.

Emma has a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)/Bachelor of Commerce from Melbourne University.

Trade opportunities

MIPS economic wrap - September quarter in a nutshell

Our Portfolio Management Team provides a Quarterly Report on the September quarter including global economic summary and outlook, interest rate environment, credit spreads and the outlook for Managed Income Portfolio Service (MIPS) portfolios. Here is an extract from the MIPS Quarterly Report with the full Quarterly Report provided to MIPS holders


What is the Managed Income Portfolio Service?

Our new service “MIPS” gives you the benefit of direct investing without the worry. Our specialist portfolio team take care of day to day management and portfolio allocation while interest payments are made direct to your account. You have the benefit of being able to look at your account and its holdings on a daily basis much the same way you would with your shares


Big changes for banks ahead

The year will see the potential implementation of the Murray report as the main focus for the banking sector. The two major areas to impact the banks are the recommendations to hold top quartile levels of capital internationally and higher risk weightings on residential mortgages


S&P puts hybrids on positive watch

The Australian regulator of banks and insurers, APRA, has relaxed an approval requirement on distribution payments on Tier 1 and Tier 2 securities – often referred to in Australia as hybrid securities.

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