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From time to time we invite respected financial services experts and commentators to contribute to The WIRE.

Trade opportunities

What the traders are trading

We are very excited to introduce a new WIRE series, taking a closer look at what our experienced staff are recommending and trading. This week, we feature trading ideas from Darryl Bruce, Western Australian state manager, Michael Cooper, Melbourne based fixed income sales director and a general idea regarding an ongoing theme to shorter duration


What is the sweet spot for super savings?

What is the optimum savings you should aim for to maximise income in retirement? The new super laws and age pension tests discourage saving, especially for those earning average weekly wages. In this article I’ll show why using some examples


Morrison delivers a Costello supersize opportunity

Despite the intention to wind back the generosity of superannuation for large balances, Treasurer Scott Morrison has left open a wide window of opportunity to park money in this tax-advantaged system. Couples have a final chance to place up to $1.15 million into super in the next nine months, even if they are already each over the $1.6 million cap

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