Guest Contributor

From time to time we invite respected financial services experts and commentators to contribute to The WIRE.


Musings from a soon to be retiree

Paul Gray, senior relationship manager from our Mornington satellite office in Melbourne retires later this month. Paul brought great wisdom with him when he joined FIIG nine years ago, we will miss him. He has penned a few thoughts about his 48 year career and the changes he’s seen. Finally leaving us some ‘general advice’


Back to the future…

FIIG founder Jim Stening is back managing the company but did you know he was the original editor of The WIRE? Here he recounts his early days, the impact of the GFC and his thoughts on the future of the market

Trade opportunities

What the sales team are trading

Two ideas this week – Michael Cooper and James Price from the Melbourne office argue explain why Hertz is a good option despite driverless cars and disruptive services and Ben Taylor shows why when the going gets tough, the tough invest in government bonds and other low risk options

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