Jon Sheridan

Jonathan Sheridan

Jon is the Chief Investment Strategist. A chartered accountant, Jon has been working in investment markets for over 15 years, mainly for global investment banks. Before joining FIIG, he had a short stint as a stay-at-home Dad. Most recently, he was a private banker at Credit Suisse, advising individuals and families on multi asset class investment strategies and opportunities. Jon joined FIIG in 2013, and now specialises in fixed income for private clients and leads that side of the business. 


Time to buy or sell USD bonds?

High yield foreign currency bonds are more volatile than higher rated local currency bonds. This journey took another turn recently as the AUD dropped to USD 71 cents. Prices on some of the higher risk names also improved last week. While not an economist or foreign currency expert, Head of Private Client Solutions, Jon Sheridan shares his thoughts on the AUD.

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