Mark Bayley

Head of Institutional Fixed Income

Mark joined FIIG in 2016. Mark is a senior credit and fixed income specialist with 20 years of experience in global financial markets. He is a highly knowledgeable strategist covering global and domestic financial markets from a credit intensive perspective.

Mark’s most recent role was at Aquasia, where he analysed single name corporate credits and provided a macro strategy overview for the Credit Fund. He produced a widely-read, highly-regarded credit strategy morning commentary that covered global and domestic financial markets.

Prior to Aquasia, Mark was Director, Credit & Structuring at ABN AMRO, where he covered global and domestic credit markets from a strategy/research, trading desk and sales perspective.

Prior to joining ABN AMRO, Mark spent nearly seven years at JPMorgan in London. For the last two years, he covered European and US high yield hedge funds and fund managers from a sales perspective. Initially, Mark covered the European high yield and crossover industrial market from a research perspective, specialising in the following sectors: food, consumer, retail, gaming and airline/transportation.

Mark has won several awards that recognise his research. These awards include various polls in Insto Magazine, CFO Magazine, Credit Magazine and Institutional Investor.

Mark is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder. He holds a Diploma in Management Studies from the Judge Business School, Cambridge, and a MA Honours Degree in Economics from Downing College, Cambridge University.

Company updates

NCIG placed on CreditWatch positive

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) has issued notices to all its shippers, giving them an option to provide a letter of credit or cash to for a USD85m reserve. As a result, S&P placed NCIG’s BBB- rating for the senior secured debt – and B rating for the junior debt – on CreditWatch with positive implications


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