AUD running out of excuses to stay above 75c

High iron ore prices and the consensus view that Australian interest rates will rise have been the excuse for the AUD holding stubbornly above 75 cents against the USD. Craig’s logic says otherwise as he explains his views and makes two big calls for 2017


How we manage risk in high yield bond portfolios

High yield bonds play an important part in a portfolio, providing much needed higher income, particularly in a low interest rate environment. We explore key risks and other considerations of high yield bonds, as well as examine how the portfolio management team look after the Income Plus bond portfolio.

New FIIG Rate Sheet

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New issues list

New Issues

New issues for the period 11 April 2017 – 24 April 2017 including: Bank of China Sydney Branch, Vicinity Centres, Heritage Bank, Coca-Cola Amatil and Wells Fargo & Company.

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