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Income in a crisis – gold bonds

Volatility is never “expected” by definition, but the chances of more volatility are much greater in the next few months as we head into an extraordinary US election and the US Fed attempting to raise rates again. Gold producers’ corporate bonds make a strong income producing hedge in such times


Gold – Have your hedge and eat it too

Gold has been a hedge against risk for thousands of years. And while it is effective more often than not, as far as income production goes, it offers nothing. But for Australian investors, there is a gold investment that can also provide income; the corporate bonds of gold producers

Company updates

Kinross Gold reports solid first quarter result, but highlights concentration risk

While the results are solid overall, they also point to the fact that an increasing proportion of earnings are being generated from Kinross’ Russian gold mines, which has been a key factor in the downgrade of Kinross’ credit rating to Ba1 from Moody’s. The Russian mines have performed extremely well in the recent quarter following the devaluation of the Russian ruble.